All of us made a decision to join NJC, with perhaps as many reasons as we have members.  Even so, all of us at NJC have a unifying interest– to see NJC not only thrive, but continue to grow.  We all want NJC to be a home for us , whether it be spiritual, social, or both.

​In order for NJC to thrive and grow, all of us must try to contribute in some way other than financially. Most religious organizations face the same challenge—the work of many is actually done by the few.  It could be that most of us are simply unaware of the effort required to make NJC meaningful to you.

In addition to the Board of Directors, there are 9 Standing Committees all of which are active behind upfront or behind the scenes to make NJC work for you.  They are:

Finance and Budget

ring Committee

Social Action
Public Relations
Ways & Means
House Committee

As you can see, there ‘s a lot of work to do to simply meet the needs of our members. Among the most important are preparing and serving an Oneg Shabbat or helping with one of our many social functions.   This is one way to make new connections at NJC and feel a sense of accomplishment because you’re engaged and productive.

As a new phrase making the round asserts, “We are “stronger together.”  If a few people do most of the work, then often become burned our or disillusioned. We should try to share the load in order to lighten the load of those currently doing so much of what it takes to keep a congretation running.  We have many members with talents that can be harnessed to enhance our NJC experience.  All you have to do is contact our president, Charles Flum at 239-316-8611 or send email to