Torah Studies

Our learned sages impart the wisdom that delving into the study of Torah enriches life profoundly. This pursuit transcends the mere acquisition of knowledge; it fosters a vibrant exchange among students and between them and the text. Our classes will revolve around students’ interests and quandaries, ensuring stimulating discussions. I am thrilled to announce the start of a dedicated Torah study class. Our journey will commence with Genesis 1:1 and continue as long as desired. If you’re intrigued by exploring thought-provoking questions, such as the varying accounts of animals entering the ark—two by two or seven by seven—I invite you to join us. Please bring your own Tanach (Bible); this class is free of charge. If this resonates with you, kindly contact me via email at


Shofar Blowing

Gathered in a class resonating with history and tradition, the art of Shofar blowing unveils its sacred melodies. Each resonant note carries the echoes of ancient tales and spiritual connection. Students embark on a journey, understanding the profound significance behind each breath and blast. Guided by one of our members, they embrace the Shofar’s voice, discovering not just a skill but a profound conduit to express faith, culture, and reverence. For information and registration, please email Michael Krakov at








Do you know the difference between an aleph and an ayin? Do you want to be able to read the Hebrew in the prayer book, not just the transliteration? Unlock the beauty of Hebrew script and delve into the nuances of Aleph and Ayin distinctions! Imagine the joy of not just reading transliterations but understanding the elegance of the original text in your prayer book. While our Hebrew class has already begun, fear not—it’s a breeze to catch up and immerse yourself in this timeless language. Volume 1 of Aleph isn’t Tough awaits your exploration, and the journey promises to be enriching. If you’re eager to unravel the mystery and embrace Hebrew fluency, reach out to