Building and Renewing Friendships

We are fostering friendship and togetherness through social activities. At NJC, we value the power of friendship and fellowship to build up a community. We have several groups that work on creating interesting, fun, educational, and open events that bring us together and give us the feeling of belonging, sharing, and support.

Most of the initiatives are under the organizing umbrella of the Social Committee which sets a full and vibrant calendar for all those who want to participate and enjoy accessible entertaining events. We recently had a theater/dinner event that everybody enjoyed after walking in. The Sisterhood put together a healthy and invigorating afternoon with walking the beautiful gardens that we have the pleasure of enjoying, an art experience followed by healthy snacks. One of our very active groups is Flamingle, with activities that are often sold out because they appeal to so many members from playing miniature golf followed by a group brunch, to savoring a fantastic ethnic meal and going to the Holocaust and Baker Museums or a fabulous potluck in a park. We all leave with a smile along with the good feeling that comes from sharing activities with new and old friends and looking forward to the next event.  Much more is coming and we would love for you to participate.

Private group visit to museums for our mature membership