Special Events

Exclusive concerts for the NJC members and friends

At NJC, our calendar stays bustling year-round with a diverse range of events. From September to May, our schedule brims with Kiddush Luncheons, Friday Service Dinners, and relaxed gatherings following Life-Long Learning sessions and Friday evening services. But the excitement doesn’t dwindle between May and August. We maintain an active social calendar, fostering opportunities for our members to come together, share life experiences, and celebrate our vibrant community.

Our monthly services are eagerly anticipated moments where we reunite, cherishing both our connections with each other and the rich traditions we uphold as a Jewish Congregation. Our commitment to remaining engaged and supportive doesn’t halt; we stay connected, offering unwavering support and presence to all our members throughout the year.

At Naples Jewish Congregation, every week holds a special event. We invite you to join us and become a part of our warm and inclusive community.